Complete guide on hip dips

hip dips

The first step is to identify the type of hip dip that you have. There are three types: the A-shaped dip, the V-shaped dip, and the U-shaped dip.

Once you have identified the type of dip that you have, you can start to camouflage it. If you have an A-shaped dip, you can try wearing high-waisted clothing to hide it. If you have a V-shaped dip, you can try wearing darker clothing or clothing with patterns to camouflage it. If you have a U-shaped dip, try wearing lengthening clothing and high-waisted pants to make your hips look wider.

While these are the best ways to hide hip dips, there are other things that you can do as well:

Wear Bandage Clothing:

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This type of clothing has great reviews and people like it because it is comfortable and helps to camouflage things like hip dips.

Opt for Bootcut Clothing:

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Bootcut clothing will help to give the illusion of bigger hips, which can help to camouflage hip dips.

Whittle Down Your Waist:

You can also try whittling your waist down so that it looks smaller than your hips. This can be done by wearing a corset or a waist cincher.

If you have hip dips, there are several alternatives to plastic surgery that can help to camouflage them without incurring any potential risks of the procedure. If you follow these tips for hiding hip dips, you will look your best in all types of clothing!

Foods good for hip dips

– Spinach, Kale and Other Leafy Veggies

– Celery Sticks

– Sweet Potatoes

– Frozen Grapes

– Chillies and Pepper

– Garlic

– Olive Oil, Avocado, Eggs, Nuts, Seeds and Fish Oils

A few other things you can try are high waist clothing to hide your hip dips, whittling down your waist so it looks smaller than your hips, or wearing dark-colored clothing to camouflage your hip dips.


The benefits of hip dips are that it gives the illusion of a wider hip line. This can be very helpful for people who are trying to camouflage their hips or even those who don’t want to have surgery.


The risks to this procedure could be an infection, pain, noticeable scarring, numbness in the area of the buttocks, fat transfer to another area, or return of the syndrome.

Brands good for hip dips

Some good brands to try for clothing that will help to camouflage hip dips are Bandage Clothing, Bootcut Clothing, and Lengthening Clothing.

– If you have a V hip dip, darker clothing will help to camouflage it. Some examples of this are leather pants, dark-colored jeans, and leggings.

– If you have an A hip dip, high-waisted clothing is going to be the best option. This would include high-waisted skirts, dresses, and shorts.

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