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Don’t Spend Money In The Hair Salon! Dye Your Hair At Home Using This Professional Gadget!

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Ever wanted to colour your hair at home? But oh wait, first you need to bleach it! Now that’s quite a task isn’t it? We all know bleaching hair at home is very difficult. It needs a steady hand and more importantly, lots of patience and time.

Ladies regularly feel the requirement for a makeover. They hunger for a change that generally starts with their hair. Be that as it may, dark hair could set a genuine restriction in the event that one needs to try different things with various hair tones. 

Well, what if we told you that we can make the whole process easier for you? We have for you the best solution – the Reusable Silicone Cap With Needle For Hair Coloring And Highlighting. 

So read on to uncover more about this cap!

Introducing The Reusable Silicone Cap With Needle For Hair Coloring And Highlighting

A silicone cap with many little openings is put on the head and afterward hair is gotten through the openings utilizing a little utensil with a snared end. When the hair is gotten through the cap, the user paints on the lightner, allows the hair to measure, and afterward washes. 

This cap is the vital apparatus being referred to that could be your response for getting an evenly highlighted head of hair without spending big bucks in the salon. So let’s get ready to read the features of this reusable silicone cap!

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Features Of The Reusable Silicone Cap With Needle

  1. This silicone cap provides the best protection for your scalp and don’t let the harmful bleach come in contact with your scalp.
  2. You don’t need to go to a salon while using this cap. Simply use the needle to pull out your hair from the holes and bleach away!
  3. It’s incredibly easy to use and doesn’t need any prior hair bleaching experience.
  4. This cap also protects your clothes and ensures that your hair is lightened evenly. 
  5. In contrast to the traditional foil bleaching method, all you have to do is put on the cap and you’re done! No more wasted foil, mess or sore arms.
  6. This is also a more sustainable option than using foil. Since this cap is reusable, it will last several years!
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Cons Of The Reusable Silicone Cap With Needle

The drawback while using this cap is that you might not be able to fully customize the way you bleach your hair. The foil method allows more customisation, from ombre to balayages – which might be difficult to achieve with the silicone cap.

In conclusion, save yourself some serious money and stick to bleaching your hair at home – the easy way with this reusable silicone cap!

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