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Food Options for a Healthy Diet

food for a healthy diet

A healthy diet should have certain food items to ensure that it is balanced and has sufficient quantities of vitamins, minerals, carbs and protein. If you need to have a healthy diet, ensure that you include these food items in your diet regularly. 



Eggs are an excellent option for breakfast. They make you feel fuller for longer and also reduce your snacking tendencies. It controls your blood sugar levels. You can make out the difference yourself by eating a breakfast of eggs on one day and a breakfast of toast on another. You will find yourself feeling hungrier sooner on the day you have just had toast. Egg yolks contain sufficient amounts of zeaxanthin and lutein antioxidants that prevent any eye problems. These are rich in choline and give a boost to your brain health as well.

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is nourishing, delicious and creamy. This helps in weight control by reducing our hunger cravings. Greek yogurt is made from full-fat milk. Yogurt also contains probiotics that increase the good gut bacteria in the body. You can top your yogurt with berries or chopped fruits and dry fruits to increase your nutrients too. It is high in protein, helps to reduce your appetite and also aids in weight loss. 


Cereal lovers can have oatmeal to their heart’s content in the mornings. It contains oat beta-glucan fiber that has many health benefits. Oats help in reducing cholesterol. It makes you feel fuller for longer and also increases your levels of PYY hormone in the body. Oats are rich in antioxidants and protect the body from fatty acids getting rancid. 


Also, include a variety of nuts for a healthy breakfast. These are not only nutritious and satisfying, they are also very delicious. Nuts prevent weight gain as your body does not absorb all the fats in them. Nuts are also very high in magnesium, potassium and mono-saturated fats. These are also one of the best sources of selenium. 

Roasted Nuts And Flaxseeds

These are loaded with protein and fiber. Flaxseeds are good for your body, but when you consume them in high amounts a few hours before workout, these may result in bloating and gas.

Power Bars And Fruit Juice

Power bars and fruit juices are loaded with sugars. If you do not have the time to prepare something for you then these are instant grab food and drinks that complete your energy and nutrition requirement. But these should be present in your pantry, although not consumed regularly, as they are high in sugar.

Other than the above list, you should also stock up on all kinds of cereals and grains for your monthly grocery. Having these at home, will prevent you from going for packet foods all the time. You will feel like preparing healthy meals from scratch. Buy your vegetables and fruits weekly to ensure that you have fresh produce daily. This is the ultimate list for the best food options for a healthy diet. 

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