Healthy Life Expectancy: Some Factors Healthy Life Expectancy-factors

Healthy Life Expectancy: Some Factors

Healthy Life Expectancy-Some Factors

Are you curious to know about a healthy life expectancy? Keep reading then, as we will be highlighting the critical factors that constitute a healthy life. The United States has spent a vast amount of money on healthcare. However, it has one of the lowest life expectancy rates in the world. This can be attributed to modern life, which is filled with tension and stress. People work like machines and forget to lead healthy lives. Due to this, they are unable to make efforts for longevity and mortality. In turn, this reduces the life expectancy rate as compared to the traditional days. This article highlights some of the factors that affect the life expectancy rate. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Healthy Life Expectancy-Some Factors
Healthy Life Expectancy-Some Factors

Healthy Life: Some Key Elements

These five elements are key in determining the life expectancy rate. They also define how healthy habits are measured.

Healthy Diet: Healthy Life Expectancy

The diet chart is calculated based on the consumption of healthy foods. Healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, and grains. Avoid unhealthy foods like processed food that is high on sodium. Eating a healthy diet is good for your health. It prevents diseases and in turn increases your life expectancy.

Physical Activity Level

You are required to take part in physical activity, for at least 30 mins, every day.

Here Are Some Factors That Impact On Healthy Life Expectancy:


In many studies, it has been founded that, women have a higher chance of living longer than men. This is because, men are involved in accidents and other disasters more, as compared to women.

Genetics: Healthy Life Expectancy

Genetics plays an essential role in determining a person’s mortality rate. Genetic factors highly influence peoples’ mortality rates. According to many researchers, genetics is the leading cause of death. This is because, diseases like cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, etc, are prone to specific genetic qualities.  

Healthy Life Expectancy-Some Factors
Healthy Life Expectancy-Some Factors

Childhood And Parental Conditions:

According to experts, poor conditions at the time of birth lead to high mortality. Adverse childhood conditions also affect life expectancy. Sometimes geographic areas through which a child is raised can play a crucial role. This means that, your parental conditions affect your child’s health.

Marital Status: Healthy Life Expectancy

Married people have lower mortality rates than unmarried, widowed, or divorced people. Various studies and researches show that committing to a marriage may increase your mortality. Married people are positive as compared to the unmarried. This is because they are not alone and make healthier choices.

Socio-Economic Status

Socio-economic activities also affect mortality. A person’s financial condition can affect his/her ability to access adequate medical care. This has a great impact on their health. Poor people are unable to get proper medical care and tests. They also suffer from starvation, stress, and tension. These factors lead to low life expectancy. Smoking, high consumption of alcohol, and the intake of other toxic substances negatively affect one’s health.


Your lifestyle choices will affect your longevity and mortality. Lack of adequate exercise keeps you unhealthy. Also, consumption of unhealthy foods and the high consumption of alcohol is dangerous. They come under lifestyle factors that reduce your life expectancy.

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