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Long Hair Can Be A Reason for Your Neck Pain And Headache

Long Hair Can Be A Reason for Your Neck Pain And Headache

Long hair is a symbol of elegance and femininity. The idea of wearing hair in a long length goes from the beginning of Greeks as well as Romans. In actuality, in the past, during Ancient Greece, women in society usually wore their hair longer than men.

As time passed, the long hairstyle began to gain popularity and spread throughout French and English men during the 12th and 11th centuries. Many men also wore hair that was long back then; however, society preferred them with shorter hair.

The years have altered how we view long hair in the past, and most ladies wore their hair long through the years. However, that doesn’t mean guys can’t have this style. You can have an idea by looking at the rock and roll style of the 80s.

While long hair is for everyone, particularly for women, the ideal style, there are a few negative aspects to this style. Long hair comes with some difficulties, most notably the so-called “longed hair neck pain and headaches.”

Although everyone knows that long hair can be an issue when it comes to styling, this feminine look could also be the cause of headaches. The title may seem like the reality is that long hair could cause neck discomfort. Everything that happens to our body is accompanied by a scientific cause to explain it.

Can Having A Long Hair Cause Neck Pain And Headaches?

A lot of the time, we are told it was because the lengthy hair system is the cause of headaches. Because of the strong knot to the hair’s long length, the nerves begin to react. You will be experiencing pain in your head, which can cause headaches. But, the question is: does long hair cause neck discomfort? Yes, long hair can cause neck discomfort because all of the nerves in our bodies are interconnected.

If you experience discomfort in your head, It will definitely be connected to the nerve region in the neck. That is where the pain commences. To relieve the pain, you can use the Neck Hammock. Any damage to neck tissue can lead to neck discomfort. If you tie your hair too tightly, it could also cause a significant impact on the neck tissue. Your neck begins to feel pain.

Tips To Avoid Neck Pain And Headaches

When you grow hair that long, it is crucial to be aware of how to avoid neck pain and headaches.

Although, for many women, the first option is to trim the length of their hair, but it isn’t the best option. The prevention of neck pain and headaches requires some concentration and effort. These are the top tips women with long hair could use from today:

Try not to do a tight ponytail.

One of the most frequent causes of long-haired headaches is the popularity of ponytails. When they tighten, they pull at the root.

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As we’ve mentioned before, the hair is home to many nerves located on the scalp. When this happens, it can cause pain and discomfort. Doctors advise removing the mane or regularly loosening the ponytail for those already suffering from headache-related issues.

Make hair braids.

Wearing your hair’s long length in loose braids will give strength to the root of your hair. It can also reduce the breakage of your hair.

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Braiding your thick and long hair can be the best and most relaxing hairstyle to help avoid messy knots.

Hair trimming is a must.

The growth of long hair is not worth it so long as you don’t maintain it in good health. The trimming of hair will give it a beautiful appearance and relieve the hair’s roots. But, if your hair is weighty, thick, and extremely long, you will feel tension, especially at the neck.

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But heavy hair may not be the sole reason for this pain and bad posture, particularly for people working in offices. One great suggestion is finding ways to keep your hair in the way you feel most comfortable.

For example, keeping your ponytail at the neck’s level can effectively spread the weight equally.

Avoid hair extensions.

The heavier the hair is on its outer ends, the more tension on the roots. As a result, the roots are pulled downwards, and the more you’ll begin feeling discomfort.

In the end, headaches can be severe and start appearing every day as well, but the weight of hair extensions sometimes can cause hair fall. Removal of hair extensions or putting them on less frequently are some of the best options.

Don’t forget to deep cleanse your scalp.

The accumulation of dust, residue, dirt, and oil on your scalp may result in tension headaches, particularly when you have long hair. It’s always recommended to regularly cleanse your scalp using a gentle but effective shampoo that will wash it and eliminate all kinds of residue without stripping the natural oils that are present in your scalp.


At the end of this article, it’s essential to address the primary question. Do long hairs causes neck pains and headaches? It’s either true or not. Hair isn’t usually heavy enough to cause unending pain. However, there is a close link between neck pain, headaches, and long hair.

With all the pain fibers on the scalp, It is advisable to keep your hair from being pulled in a tight ponytail. Or else, you’ll directly harm the brain’s nerves and, as a result, the nerves that run through the neck. A twisted ponytail or a facelift using tight ponytails can gradually and eventually result in neck discomforts.

Tying loose hair, wearing fewer extensions, and trimming the hair once in a while are easy ways to ease the tension. The most appealing aspect? Long hair can be a beautiful business card with no excessive compromises.

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