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What is the Difference Between Slow Jogging And Fast Walking And Its Impact On Health

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What is the difference between fast walking and slow jogging? Are there any fundamental differences between them? Does it really matter?

However fast or slow you imagine yourself, it’s the time to be yourself. There’s the speed for you, and then you can have your own version of a slow jog, and that’s the beautiful aspect of running – you can go at your own speed.

Running coaches will give numerous reasons runners should include different speeds in their training. One of the main reasons is that many runners get injured due to not being able to run at a reasonable pace.

Please look at it this way: Many runners will simply walk out of the door and run as fast as possible. There could be a slight variation according to the weather or terrain, but generally speaking, they run at a certain pace until it’s gone. In contrast, if you’re doing it easy or you’re never exercising or breathing hard, then you should be able to push yourself with quick effort. It’s all about variety.

Let’s take a detail about what is better: Slow Jogging Vs. Fast Walking?

Is slow jogging better than walking?

There’s a common argument between slow jogging and fast walking that has been going on for a long time. If you’re jogging slow, why not simply walk faster? It is a common question asked.

Test both exercises with the same speed and over similar distances to determine the difference. After that, you can evaluate which burns more calories. If you are working harder, your body is burning more calories.

In the beginning, when you compare slow jogging and fast walking for the same distance, the slower jogging method will generate more calories. It is because your body needs to work harder than walking at a fast pace.

Muscles, bones, and ligaments all have to take the greater force for walking. Even running at a slow pace can cause the force to your joints equal to approximately 2.5 times the weight of your body. Comparing this with running (1.2 times) is a significant distinction.

What is Better?

Slow jogging is more efficient than walking fast. When you run at a slow pace for 3-4 km per hour, you burn more calories than fast walking the same distance. It is because when you run, you’re in the motion of jumping.

If you boost the speed, say, 7 to 6-7 km, which is more beneficial, between slow jogging and fast walking? It can be confusing when you’re running at high speed; walking burns more calories.

However, slower running can help you lose weight faster than speed walking. It is due to the fact that when we run faster or walk at a slower pace, the energy used will be used to make glycogen available in the muscle fibers that are fast-twisting.

Therefore, slow jogging is more beneficial than power-walking or fast walking. If you have any issues when jogging slowly in your body, then take up fast walking. It’s also beneficial in terms of health as well as fitness.

Benefits Of Slow Jogging On Health

Of course, slow jogging is a fantastic way to exercise your body. It can help you keep your body in shape and lose weight. The benefits include listed below:

  • Calorie burn during slow jogging is higher than in fast walking.
  • It is beneficial for the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and muscular system.
  • The strength of arms and legs muscles.
  • It makes your bones strong
  • Flexible joints, tendons, and joints.
  • Cleanse away the toxins from our body
  • Improve the running form

Benefits Of Fast Walking On Health

Walking fast is also a good workout for health. It also gives you numerous health advantages. I’ve compiled an overview of fast walking benefits. Let’s get them.

  • It can increase heart rate. It’s beneficial for your heart health.
  • It burns calories and is helpful in the process of losing weight.
  • Increase the flexibility of your muscles and healthy joints.
  • Ideal for strong bones
  • The best exercise to strengthen leg muscles.
  • It reduces the risk of heart attacks.

Slow Jogging Or Fast Walking, What Suits You?

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You might want to know whether it is better to jog slowly than fast walking if you’re deciding between slow jogging and running, which is more beneficial for health and weight reduction goals. This article is designed for you to choose from.

Opt for walking if you’re taking up this kind of fitness for the first time. It’s more beneficial for you. After a few weeks of regular walking, you can change your workout to burn more calories. After this, you can begin slow jogging.

If you suffer from heart disease or heart-related problems, it is based on your fitness level if you think about walking 5km vs. running 5 km. Running consumes more energy. Walking is more comfortable because running can result in injuries, stress, etc.

You should pick an exercise that will improve your body’s health. It is recommended to choose fast walking when you’re looking for a way to reduce weight.


Walking fast and slow jogging are excellent aerobic exercises for maintaining fitness and health. Both can help improve the heart rate and weight loss and strengthen muscles and bones.

To improve your fitness, it is possible to try one of the options that work comfortably with your physique. After comparing slow jogging and rapid running, we can say both benefits our health. You can choose which is better for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you prefer to walk faster or jog slower?

It all depends on your goal. Are you looking to shed weight or be faster at running? To be able to run faster for general health reasons, it’s best to walk faster in case you’re overweight. You can begin slow jogging after you’ve reduced your overall weight.

Is slow jogging good?

The answer is Yes, a slow-running jog can be beneficial as a fantastic exercise method. Slow jogging is a beautiful way to stay healthy if you’re not suffering from any heart problems or heart conditions. Do slow jogging to lose weight fast.

Is slow jogging good for weight loss?

Slow jogging is indeed an excellent way to shed weight. When you slow down your jogging, your body’s parts move in a specific direction. It causes it to affect the majority of your body’s areas. Additionally, slow jogging can consume a lot of calories. It helps you shed weight.

Does slow jogging burn more calories?

Yes, slow running burns more calories compared to walking. It could mean up to 30% more calories burned when slow jogging and walking.

Does jogging make you slower?

The short answer is No. It’s just a myth. 

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